Support Network

The Support Network outcome area explores various characteristics that relate to support, including support type, and awareness of support services.

Factors relating to support network include family, friend, and community support; and socialization.

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Family, Friend, and Community Support

The Family, Friend, and Community Support factor examines aging adult support systems that provide any type of care, and respite/relief from caregiving activities for aging adults who may be providing some sort of support or care for another individual. Additionally, the percentage of aging adults receiving support was assessed and evaluated in terms of receiving the amount of support needed.


  • Caregiving Status
  • Caregiving Relief
  • Services Awareness
  • Support or Assistance Needs


Socialization examines socialization activities as a measure of interpersonal support, including socialization activities with family, friends, and neighbors, and associated satisfaction with socialization activities.


  • Socialization Satisfaction
  • Socialization Opportunities