Accessibility and Mobility

The Accessibility and Mobility outcome area explores various characteristics that relate to access and related issues, such as mobility and public accessibility.

Factors relating to accessibility and mobility include transportation options, mobility and public accessibility, and access to food.

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Transportation Options

The Transportation Options factor addresses transportation access, sufficiency, and opportunity among the target population, including transportation for people with special needs.


  • Public Transportation
  • Transportation Sufficiency

Mobility and Public Accessibility

Mobility and public accessibility examines the ability of aging adults to successfully complete activities of daily living (eating, bathing, dressing) and instrumental activities of daily living (shopping, housework, managing finances). Mobility device usage rates are additionally examined.


  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Mobility Devices
  • AARP Livability Score

Access to Food

Access to Food includes proximity to food sources, and satisfaction with the number of food options available.


  • Proximity to Food Sources
  • Food Options Satisfaction