Empowerment and Engagement

The Empowerment and Engagement outcome area explores various characteristics that relate to community engagement and perception of empowerment among aging adults.

Factors relating to empowerment and engagement include volunteer opportunities, enrichment opportunities, and empowerment.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Opportunities factor assesses the desire of aging adults to participate in volunteer work, and potential barriers to volunteer opportunities that may exist for those who want to volunteer but can’t.


  • Volunteering
  • Barriers to Volunteering

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities examines the percentage of aging adults who regularly participate in civic, cultural, religious, and recreational activities. Associated satisfaction with the amount of participation in these activities, as well as feelings of fulfillment is also evaluated.


  • Participation in Community Activities
  • Barriers to Community Activities
  • Fulfillment from Community Activities


The Empowerment factor identifies aging adult perspectives surrounding individuals’ perception of their ability to have influence within the community.


  • Voting Rates and Civic Participation
  • Voice in Community
  • Continuing Education