How We Work

Our Structure

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Community Engagement Council

The Community Engagement Council is a geographically based, data-informed, resident leadership body that is responsible for engaging community members to become involved in helping realize Age-Friendly Forsyth’s vision. This is accomplished by hosting several community conversations and events, as well as mobilizing and recruiting the larger community to support pilot projects and efforts based on community need. Community Engagement Council members play a critical role in helping Age-Friendly Forsyth determine priorities.

Local Resident Groups
The Community Engagement Council will help drive initiative work, as well as be a bridge to community members through local resident groups, which include existing community volunteer groups and residents who would like to be involved.

Our Process

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Through prioritization of the service system, using a data-informed, inclusive, and momentum-building process, associated services and resources are mapped to identify gaps and overlap (if applicable) areas. This provides a path for the discovery of enhanced and synergistic collaborative partnerships. Best practices are identified and shared, resulting in advocacy and a cooperative agenda—most recently, the community plan.