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The Empowerment factor identifies aging adult perspectives surrounding individuals’ perception of their ability to have influence within the community.


Voting Rates and Civic Participation

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Activity60-64 Years65-74 Years75+ Years Black or African AmericanWhite FemaleMale Less than $20,000$20,000 to $35,000Greater than $35,000
Voted in Local Elections92%91%91%94%90%93%89%78%92%97%
Made a Donation of Money or Goods to Charity89%89%97%86%97%90%90%73%92%97%
Contacted Your Elected Officials44%40%24%28%38%32%43%20%32%48%
Notified the Police or Other Government Agency About a Problem43%29%23%34%30%32%29%32%33%32%

Voice in Community

97% of adults aged 60 and older have participated in some sort of civic activity in the past 3 years.

Continuing Education

21% of adults aged 60 and older have attended educational classes or workshops at least once a month. When we look at the data by age and income, we see a higher percentage of adults aged 60-64 and the high-income group attending educational classes or workshops compared to other age and income groups, respectively.

What is your perception of continuing education courses?

  • Accessibility is an issue
  • Lack of awareness of courses or opportunities available
  • Lack of interest can keep people from participating in continuing education courses
  • Technology/computer courses and exercise courses are most desired
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