Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities examines the percentage of aging adults who regularly participate in civic, cultural, religious, and recreational activities. Associated satisfaction with the amount of participation in these activities, as well as feelings of fulfillment is also evaluated.


Participation in Community Activities

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Activity60-64 Years65-74 Years75+ Years Black or African AmericanWhite FemaleMale Less than $20,000$20,000 to $35,000Greater than $35,000
Go to movies, plays, concerts, restaurants, sporting events, club meetings, card games, or other social activities75%80%72%73%77%77%75%61%81%85%
Go to church, mosque, temple, or another place of worship for services or other activities69%70%79%86%69%76%68%72%74%72%
Get together with friends or neighbors in any other setting71%71%66%68%71%73%65%61%70%78%
Attend educational classes or workshops27%20%16%20%21%22%19%13%16%27%
Go to a community center or senior center13%17%20%24%15%17%17%14%21%15%

94% of adults aged 60 and older participate in some sort of community activity at least once a month.

Barriers to Community Activities

The most commonly cited barriers to participation in community activities include health reasons, lack of money, lack of time, lack of transportation, and not knowing where to go.

Fulfillment from Community Activities

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